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Grand Finale TONIGHT!
Corvallis History Museum.

Welcome to Season Three of Spectres!

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Spectres of Benton County season 3 postcard. Showing dates of game episode releases on May 6, 13 and 20, and the Grand Finale on May 27.

This project has been funded in part by a grant from the Pacific Northwest Fund/Collins of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Benton County celebrates Historic Preservation Month with ghostly intent. The Benton County Historic Resources Commission is partnering with Conundrum House to bring the past to life through a mystery adventure game. Spectres of Benton County Past is a clue hunt and historical adventures game.

Clue Hunt activities are connected to several wonderful historic resources in the county, each inspired by resident ghost stories.

Season Three starts Saturday May 6th, when the first episode of the game is released. You, your relatives, housemates, and friends have one week to investigate the resources and find the clues to that week’s mysteries. Each stage leads to the next, and builds upon what you discovered before, so make sure you play along!

Participate as follows:

  1. Virtually via this  website, where the adventure happens entirely online using real events and actual places (- which you can visit if you are so inclined…) It’s an ideal way to play with family and friends who are remote, and share with them these amazing places surrounding you.
  2. Coming SOON:
    • Boots on the Ground – paper version, where you and your “household” teammates physically visit the locations in Benton County using our printed game pieces stashed at each of our locations, or
    • Boots on the Ground – mobile version! The game is entirely available via mobile, saving you the worry of carrying paper game pieces.

This game is free and open to all ages. And since it can be played entirely on-line, feel free to share this fun and exciting event with people all over North America and beyond!