Spectres of Benton County Past is a collaboration between historians and story keepers associated with the Benton County Historic Resources Commission – an all volunteer commission, and Conundrum House – a live-action gaming experiences company.

It is true! On May 1st, 8th, and 15th Game Packets will be release to folks who’ve signed up to be a part of the adventure. Each packet leads players through an exploration of 1 or 2 historic properties in the Benton County area, and introduces the spectral visitors related to each of those locations who offer cryptic clues to that week’s mystery. Each week is an entire mystery unto itself, AND there is a secondary story being revealed, the combination of all 3 giving clue hunters and even larger mystery to solve the evening of May 22nd – the series Finale!

Sign up to be a part of the game here today!


Every Saturday starting May 1st.

No! Everything you need to play in the Finale will be available at the Finale. AND, the weekly adventures leading up to it will give you a rich and deep experience that we recommend you NOT miss!

There is! And it will launch on May 1st for our registered participants! Haven’t signed up yet? No worries, you can do it here:

Sign up to be a part of the game here today!

Absolutely! We know that folks may not be able to get to each and every location, so we’ve made sure there are multiple versions to play!

You can read and make comments on the website. We are investigating other ways, beyond Facebook, to facilitate this. Keep an eye out here for updates.

We use an application called Actionbound where we re-created the challenges  so you can go visit the various sites, and engage in the challenges at each location with the aid of your phone. Saves on paper, and can be a lot less to handle. Instructions for downloading the app to your iPhone or Android phone can be found by CLICKING HERE.