Challenge 2.3 Courthouse Crackers

The Courthouse Crackers - open and shut

Clearly, they were guilty - once they showed Wells where the loot was stashed, the game was up. Jolly good work on part of the Chief - he richly deserved the $200 reward.

The real story...?

But why would the robbers sing so readily? something spooky was going on, it seems. Read their actual confessions, and see what you make of it.
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Spectral Resonance capture of ectoplasmic residual signature obtained from Mr. Buchanan's office.

You have demonstrated your interest in the thwarting of these miscreants. Yet much work remains. Any great change must expect opposition, because it shakes the very foundation of privilege. Forces are at work that will demand your detective skills as you move forward to finally lift a shroud from these injustices past.

Next Challenge: The Library Labyrinth

Rumors abound about ghosts at the campus library. Perhaps next we explore there. Is it possible our spectral friends know one another?

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