S2 – Episode 3 – Complete

Out from Under the Cloud of Slavery

Hard to believe that little over a century ago, even outstanding members of our community had no place to call their own for a final resting place. And, like the pioneers they were, they figured out means to overcome even that obstacle.

That is all to the Online Clue hunt – so far!

The next – and final – chapter this year will be LIVE, at the Corvallis Museum, on Saturday, May 28, 5:30 pm until 8:00 pm ( doors open at 5:00 )

Register below for this FREE event. Registration allows us to inform the food vendors in the courtyard to plan accordingly.


LetsBeSweet Bakery


• Salad Rolls w/Peanut Sauce (Shrimp or Tofu) $4.50

• Matcha BRSanh Baos (vegan/vegetarian) $8


• Toasted Tarts (Matcha Cookies n’Cream, Ube Cookies n’Cream) (vegan, GF) $7.50

• PB&J Chocolate Cups $6

• White Chocolate Cups $10

• Cupcakes $5

• Mochi $3

Let’s Be Sweet promotes a happy food experience, focusing on healthier options on food and other goods (vegan, GF and organic, when possible).



 Phone: (541) 908-3389

Whimsy Supper Club

Supper, tea, and noshery


Evening Tea Box $12/each.


  • Cucumber tea sandwich with a twist – cucumber lightly pickled in rice vinegar with some fresh dill and lemon, layered with watercress, or arugula, whichever is available, on artisanal wheat bread with a smooth spread of fresh garden herb cream cheese.

  • Ginger Cran Scone- a tasty scone with slightly sweetened dried cranberries and a bite of crystallized ginger.

  • Ginger Snap Cake- a cake with a bite of ginger, spicy cinnamon, and a dash o’ nutmeg topped with a snappy lemon butter frosting.

  • Twelve-ounce tea, freshly brewed. Choose from 3 teas:

    • Herbal – Evening in Missoula

    • Green – Moroccan 

    • Black tea – Yorkshire Gold

Whimsy Supper Club provides a dining experience unlike any other in Corvallis, Oregon, full of magic, wonder, and fantastic characters at a four-seat pop-up diner. Also, it has a cottage noshery that creates a variety of small, tasty cakes and scones.


Phone: (971) 808-1105